Arno Gego, Aachen,

Professor Dr.-Ing., Aachen University of Technology, born 1938, Aachen/GER.
FEI-Official International Course Designer, longstanding Course Designer and Member of the Board of CHIO Aachen, worldwide activities as CD, Teacher and Designer of new Stadiums and Equestrian Facilities and Events (f.e. CSIO Luxembourg, CSIO Pavarotti International, CSI Monterrey, CSI Valkenswaard, CSI Istanbul, CSI La Bagnaia), Co-Founder and Speaker ASAD, PhD in Agricultural Engineering, working in International Industry, United Nations Experience, Author of several Books,

Languages: G, F, E, (I, P, S, D)


Christa Heibach, Aachen,

born 1955,Aachen/GER.
FEI-International Course Designer, with worldwide activities as CD and Teacher, Co-Director of the AACHEN SCHOOL OF EQUESTRIAN ART AND DESIGN, Graphic Designer of new Layouts, Arenas, Stadiums and complete new Equestrian Facilities, New Documentations and Books (like “Obstacles/Hindernisse”), Designer of new Obstacles. 

Languages: G, E, (D, S)