Course Design (2nd Edition)

Historical Roots, Theory, Practice, Aesthetics, Ethics and State of Art
Arno Gego, English, 2013, 305 pages


Theory, Systematics, Art, Design and Presentation.

Arno Gego – Christa Heibach – Olaf Petersen

English/German, 2009, 220 pages, First edition

Considerations about CONCOURS DESIGN

Philosophy, Design, Strategy, Structure, Organisation and Direction of Equestrian tournaments.

Arno Gego – Christa Heibach, English, 2001, 230 pages, First edition

Intensive Course

Masterclasses in Coursed and Concours Design and Equestrian Computer Application.

Arno Gego – Christa Heibach

Continuous Education and Preparatory Course for FEI-Level 2/3-Courses, English, 173 pages, Edition 2014, AACHEN SCHOOL OF EQUESTRIAN ART AND DESIGN, Only for students

Formulas of Course and Concours Design – Exercises and Questions

Theoretical Compendium, Arno Gego, 65 pages, edition 2018, English, Only for students


Equestrian Park of a New Multidiscipline Sports-Resort in the Centre of Europe.

Arno Gego and Christa Heibach, 131 pages, English, 2017

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